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About this web site

This web site presents the results of the course ”Acquisition and Analysis of Laser Scanning Data in Physical Geography” at Heidelberg University’s Institute of Geography, summer term 2013.

Course Supervisor / Teaching:

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Bernhard Höfle

Additional Teaching and Assistance:

Martin Hämmerle
Kristina König
Larissa Müller


Sebastian Bechtold (Web Site, Documentation Video)
Daniel Bumiller (Roughness Mapping)
Michael Ebner (Documentation Video)
Alexandra Germar (Hydraulic Modeling)
Ute Dorothea Jacke (Multitemporal Analysis)
Christian Kempf (DTM Generation)
Benjamin Kraus (DTM Generation)
Janine Lange (Genesis of Gravel Bars)
Jasmin Link (Hydraulic Modeling)
Robin Peters (DTM Generation)
Anne Schauß (Multitemporal Analysis)
Christopher Schulz (Roughness Mapping)
Eva Zimmermann (Multitemporal Analysis)

More Information

For more information abour our research, visit the web site of the LIDAR Research Group at Heidelberg University.